Why We Love Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Think about it…..What’s not to love? The Food, our Blessings, the Food, Time with the Family, the Food, Football, OH….and did we mention the FOOD!!!

Thanksgiving is all about Enjoyment, Fun and Merry-Making.  It is about the feeling of togetherness.  It’s family, friends, indulgences, and eating GUILT-FREE and having no anxiety over missing workouts or consuming too many calories.  If you are anxious or fearful about this upcoming Holiday, it may not be what you are eating, it may be what’s eating you!

The truth is, we have all been blessed, but it’s also easy to miss all the gifts we have been given because we get caught up in the wrong thoughts and we get distracted by things that just don’t matter. Our whole life we have had these blessing but now it’s time to become “aware” of these things.

So this Thanksgiving, take some time and do the following:  Smile – Be Thankful – Eat – Smile – Give hugs to your family – Smile – Breathe – Go for a walk – Bless others.

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The Best Fat Loss Exercise is…

The best fat loss exercise is hands down the deadlift.

Top 3 reasons why we deadlift at RxD:

1.  Deadlifts are a total  body exercise, working muscles from your toenails to your hair follicles. Deadlifts are a prime example of a compound movement; it uses nearly every muscle  in your entire body, from your traps all the way down to your calves.  If you program your deadlift training sensibly, it will make you a lot STRONGER from head-to-toe. In particular – your glutes, hamstrings, entire back, core, forearms and grip will get stronger. Deadlifts keep you walking tall and staying strong.


 One Exercise – Every Muscle 🙂

2.  Deadlifts elicit great hormonal responses that accelerates fat loss. Growth hormone release is at its’ highest following maximal resistance training e  xercise that encompasses the greatest amount of muscle mass. Fat burning capability is dependent on metabolically active tissue (muscle), as well as the rate of activity within that tissue. By having extra muscle mass and by having it cranked up to high neural activity means you have a greater chance of burning fat and getting lean if you lift heavy. Deadlift to become a fat burning machine.


 Deadlifts Work 🙂

3.  The deadlift mimics real-life and sport situations. This application to real-life scenarios happens daily in picking things up off the ground, especially heavy objects that require a strong back and grip. Power and strength are the two defining characteristics that, when lost, determine function on old age. Losing power and strength limits your ability to do everything, from standing and sitting on the toilet to getting in and out of a car, to climbing stairs, and even breathing. Heavy deadlifts, when done properly, will help retain and even gain strength and power through the entire body, which improves functional outcome measures in old age, which promotes independence. Deadlifts will allow you to Live life to the fullest up until your last day!!!


65 Years Young – Deadlifting 🙂

In conclusion, every person should be performing a variation of a deadlift regularly. It is one of the best movements for building overall strength and muscle mass, as well as for improving every day and sport-specific performance. Here at RxD we make sure our clients are deadlifting and training to live life!! Come in today to get your lift on. 😉


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The Nonsense that is. . .Body by Vi

As a local Fitness Professional, I feel in part responsible to educate and inform our community about such nonsense.  It’s unfortunate that true expertise in the fitness industry is devolving day by day due to companies that prey on the unfortunate and uneducated with false hope.  Everyday there is a new miracle pill, workout or gadget that makes ridiculous claims – Enough Already! 

Here are my Top 10 reasons NOT to invest in Body by Vi.

1.)  It’s a Micro Trend:  Body by Vi is going to come and go like any other “Micro-Trend” in the fitness industry, but while it’s here, be an educated consumer.  Micro Trends have
a very slow build up, then they are all the craze for a short period of time, thereafter they fall off the face of the earth while the originator of the product is on the beach with a fruity drink saying, Thank YOU 🙂  Micro-Trends have extremely clever marketing
and Visalus has some of the best marketing I’ve ever seen.  Have you heard of Bowflex, or Tae Bo, or (Insert Infomercial).  Slow build, got crazy hot and sizzled out. . .Don’t get burned!     

2.)  Source and Origin of the Product:  In 2005, Body by Vi was started by three very smart guys, however, these guys are MARKETING geniuses.  That should tell you something right there.  Visalus is truly a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company, which is fine, but would you buy a car from Fruit of the Loom?  Of course not, you would buy a Ford, Chevy, etc, because these manufacturers make CARS, and have a long-term reputable reputation.  The source of the product and the reason it was created is one of my major issues because it’s obviously 100% money driven.  Because it is designed primarily as an income opportunity, the product uses low quality ingredients in
order to keep the costs down and the profits up.

3.) Don’t buy a Cubic Zirconia when you can have a Diamond:  Yes, there IS a huge benefit in getting “weight loss support” from a group for 90 days. I know NOT getting support can be a factor for many people not succeeding. There are a few reputable companies that offer support, challenges, fitness coaching along with nutrition coaching
such as: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/products/consultation-coaching

They have a legit team of Fitness Experts.  I would strongly recommend getting support
from someone who is qualified to do so and has your long term health in mind and not a quick fix that will fill their pocket. You need someone who will give you a clear map to reach your goals and not a temporary detour.   

4.) The Protein is from SOY:  Listen, the FDA, yes the FDA who allows everything to creep into our food even denied GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) to Soy Protein Isolate.  The very first ingredient in your shake is Soy Protein Isolate.  Soy is the cheapest
available protein available today, and for good reason.  I’m also well aware that Visalus has removed the dangerous Isoflavones from the Soy. Visalus says, we have ‘processed’ our Soy and removed the dangerous Isoflavones so that is not an issue.  Ok,
you PROCESSED a food and it’s now safe! C’mon, besides most Soy is processed using Hexane which is a neurotoxic petrochemical.  Even if it’s not processed via Hexane, the processing of soy also makes it a less than desirable food item since the process involves chemicals, such as aluminum, high heat and pressure, robbing it of nutrients it ‘may’ have had. The high temperature denatures the protein so that it is virtually useless as a protein source.  All I ask is to do your homework and if you don’t believe me, read The Whole Soy Story by Dr. Kaayla Daniel – I think you’ll be blown away J  Needless to say, I
would not recommend Soy Protein Isolate for anyone looking to feel better, look
better or perform better. 

5.) Your Rising Star Qualifications: Here is where it gets interesting. 
You are ingesting something that someone recommends to you who has NO, I
mean literally NO knowledge of the product they are selling.  If they did, trust me, they would not recommend the product to you.  They did NOT find the product appealing, they found the Compensation Plan appealing. Makes you wonder why ‘now-all of a sudden’ these people are offering you a product. . .?

To become a Body by Vi distributor, or Visalus promoter, you simply decide which distributor package you’d like to start with and Join The Body by Vi Challenge – That sounds reassuring.  It’s usually someone who has a nice body themselves, or someone who is really popular.  If they truly want to help people, earn a College Degree in Physiology, Dietetics or related Health field, and provide real solutions.  It kind of reminds me of the Shake Weight commercial, the two models demonstrating the Shake Weight have tremendous physiques, but. . .

6.) One Size Fits All:  Let’s take a High Level Athlete, an Over Weight Client, and an Elderly Client.  These three clients are distinct entities, are you are really going to instruct all three to do the 90-Day challenge?  How does that make any sense at all?  One size does not fit all and if you are buying from a Distributor, they are making money off you and if you are paying them, you might as well pay a Fitness Professional to analyze what you truly need and devise a specific plan.

7.)  Sugar Nutra Cookie:  I had to look at the Visalus Nutra-Cookies.  These “Nutra-Cookies” have more SUGAR than they do Protein.  They also contain Gluten. . .Really, no need to write anything more on this topic. 

8.)  90-Day Challenge:  Just think if you did Body by Vi challenge along with P90X.  Holy
Smokes, would you be sexy!  I’m just kidding. . .However, I do think challenges can provide extra motivation to make healthier lifestyle choices.  What’s
going to happen at day 91?

10.) “Jon Doe” did it and s/he lost weight:  You aren’t “John Doe.”  Someone wins the lottery on pretty regular basis, however it’s probably not going to be you.  If you are hitting the lottery by  using Visalus, and feeling better than ever,
then keep doing what’s working for you.  My point is, like the Lottery with millions involved in the Visalus program, I would say the success rate is extremely low.   

“Aha moment”

Sadly these days marketing has more power and rules over expertise.  In closing, I’m just passionate about helping people make smart decisions about their health and Visalus raises some red flags for me. 

You are not my science experiment and my integrity is NOT for sale!

~Matt Thoma

Results by Design Fitness

Changing the Way Fitness is Done. . .Period!


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Why we are The BEST!

So, how can we get You what You want?  Well, Results by Design Fitness offers a scientific alternative. We get faster results. We get better results. Using the application of science, our Training Services and Culture are unmatchable.  Where else, can you get a thorough assessment, individualized programs, semi-private coaching, unlimited access to Metabolic Acceleration Classes, unlimited Fitness Center use along with Nutritional Strategies, all in a place that feels like Home?   Let us share with you how we develop a customized approach to fitness, health, physique enhancement and well being.

1.)  Body Blueprint:  Before we take you through a workout, we first want to take the time to find out what you specifically need by performing your Body Blueprint, which is totally free!  Remember, if we aren’t assessing, we’re guessing.  During your Body Blueprint Consultation we will learn about your health history, any past injuries, your training history along with your specific goals. We will also take you through a range of motion and flexibility evaluation and the base of our blue print – The Functional Movement Screen. During The Functional Movement Screen we will have you perform basic movements and we will find out exactly where your program should start and what it should include to deliver the fastest results in the shortest and safest possible time.

2.)  Individualized Program Design:  The Body Blueprint is the very specific plans that we will use to design your Program to get you to your individual goals. Every single person who works out at RxD Fitness has a Program designed for them. One size does not fit all! Just as we all require a specific shoe size, we all require a specific program.

Everyone has specific goals and a specific body. For customized results you need a customized program.  This program will include correcting any imbalances you have and will be done in asemi-private setting.  Members receive new programs every 4 – 6 weeks!

3.)  Semi-Private Fitness Coaching:  The RXD Fitness system makes us completely different from any other club you may have tried. We have developed the components that take the guesswork and trial-and-error out of reaching your goals and puts the science back in. We provide a complete training system and a highly qualified fitness coach who will personally walk you through every step of the way on the path toward achieving your personal goals.  Members work directly with a Coach 1x or 2x per week.

You may wonder what you do other days?  You can get Metabolic with. . .

4.)  Metabolic Acceleration Classes:  Are you ready for something different? Leave it to us to be on the cutting edge and bring the excitement!  Many people strength train with weights while others do cardio or aerobics – somewhere between is our group coaching.  Get the benefits of both. Your body will get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness will improve and you will burn calories and watch your body change. This new concept is set-up in group class with certified instructors using tools including

kettlebells, sand bags, ropes, medicine balls, TRX’s and other fun, different equipment. This type of training is a great way to shake things up and give you a full body workout, burn a ton of calories, and get your metabolism going. There is absolutely no way to describe this workout without inviting you to try it.  MEMBERS:  These classes are included in your Membership.

5.)  Unlimited Fitness Center Access:  Your Membership includes unlimited access to our Fitness Center.  And remember, you’ll know exactly what to do because you have an Individualized Program at your convenience.  This takes the guesswork out of going to a gym and provides specific directions!  Fitness Center hours are:

M-R:  7am – 9pm

F: 7am – 6pm

S: 9am-3pm

Sunday: Closed


6.)  Our Nutrition Program:

For those who wish to fine-tune their physique and absolutely maximize their results we offer our Biosignature Modulation. If you want to individualize your nutrition more than what we have given you in our journal this is the answer for you.

You will sit down with a Biosig Certified Practitioner and really dial in your nutrition and supplementation. This takes all the guesswork out of nutrition for optimal health, optimal fat burning, muscle building or sports performance. funnycartoon

Our Training System

  • Appropriate Cardiovascular Activity: Only the correct amount of cardiovascular work at the      correct intensity will work for your goal. Doing the wrong type, at the      wrong level for the wrong time may not only be useless but can actually      work against your efforts.
  • Appropriate Resistance Training: Muscle is the body’s fat burning machinery. Resistance      training helps to build and maintain a good fat burning engine.
  • Professional Assistance and Scientific Manipulation of      the above: This is where most people go      wrong. No program works for everyone and no program will work forever. As      your body changes, so too must your program change. Your fitness coach      will help to modify your plan as your body changes and adapts so you      continue to see optimal results.
  • General Nutrition Guidelines to follow: As part of our membership, we will also give you one of      our nutrition journals complete with simple guidelines of exactly what you      should eat to reach your goals. Follow the plan laid out for you, fill out      the journal and bring it in to your coach and you will not fail!

We offer a 30-DAY TRIAL for $89 , so come and experience everything we have to off to see for yourself how really different it is. Try Group Coaching at Results by Design Fitness and experience the most fun you can have with your clothes on!:)

Simply Put:  We are Changing the Way Fitness is Done. . .Period!

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You Don’t Deserve This!

You walk into a Shoe Store and request a size  8.  The associate says I’m sorry, we only carry one size shoe and it’s a  size 10, even though it’s a few sizes too big we’d love to make that  work for you. . .How does that sound?

You  walk into Car Lot with your 3 Children and Spouse and request to look  at some SUV’s.  The salesperson says, I’m sorry, we only have 2 seat  sports cars, we’d love to cram you into one. . .How does that sound?

But. . .we need this!

These  scenario’s sound absurd. . .However, you walk into a Gym and you get  crammed into a cookie cutter workout, much like the car and shoe, it  does NOT fit you or your needs.


In  the first two scenario’s, the customer would question the competency of  the sales associates, because they can’t provide the specific needs  they requested.  Only at random will a Size 10 shoe fit and only at  random will a 2 seat sports car work for individuals.  However, Personal  Trainers everywhere are offering this same thought process, and they  too should questioned.  Offering one size fits all Programs has the same  logic as the Shoe and Car Salesman, it’s faulty thinking and will not  work for 99% of the population.

Let me explain why:

At  Results by Design Fitness we have scientifically designed programs to  get you in the best shape of your life in the shortest time and safely  as possible.  We do not offer a “cookie cutter” approach to fitness  because we know a size 10 shoe doesn’t fit everyone and not every person  is looking for a 2 seater sports car!  We offer customized program for  several reasons and we’d love to explain why!

Take 5  people you know and look at how they are built.  Every person is built a  little bit different and we all have certain strengths and weaknesses.   When we perform our Movement Assessment with every new member, we  identify those differences that make us unique!  We all perform certain  movements like squatting, pushing and pulling, however each person  performs these movements a little differently.  Since our goal is to Change the Way Fitness is Done,  we analyze just how differently each person moves and use this  information to prescribe very specific exercises that will help you  reach your goal quickly!  We know that clients reach their goals faster  once their bodies are symmetrical and movement is maximized.  It’s  similar to a car; when a car is properly tuned, has good tires and is  aligned, it gets the best gas mileage.  This is much like the human  body, when we focus on having the body pain free and symmetrical,  fitness goals are much easier attained.


Once  we complete the Movement Screen, our approach is to specify mobility  and/or stability exercises that directly improves movement.  Once the  body is back in balance, you can exercise safely and intensely, reaching  your fitness goals faster than someone who used a “cookie cutter”  approach, in which imbalances were ignored because you were never  assessed.  Remember, “if we are not assessing, we are guessing.”

At  Results by Design Fitness we look very closely at each individual and  what makes them unique.  With that information, we create an absolute  unique program that safely zeros in on the areas that need to be  improved.  Just as not every person wears the same size shoe, not every  program is exactly the same.  Therefore, doing a “cookie cutter”  approach with fitness is NOT an optimal way to get to your goals!

If  you want a Fitness Professional to make a Program that’s made for you  instead of being crammed into a generic program, then Results by Design  Fitness is your Ticket!

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Wheel of Color: Green is Good!

Wheel of Color:

Did you know that the color of the fruit or vegetable you are eating can indicate some of the nutrients/minerals it contains? Let’s take a look at the largest color category first. A sampling of the largest color group includes the following Green Fruits and Vegetables:

Think back to high school biology…what do you recall is one of the first things that green plants contain? Know? Chlorophyll. Although it isn’t as glorified as some of the other nutrients, chlorophyll has a RAINBOW of health benefits. In fact, it has so many that instead of listing them all, I’ll just refer to a website that lists their many benefits. http://beyourowndoctornow.blogspot.com/2009/07/benefits-of-chlorophyll.html

Green veggies and fruits also contain fiber, lutein, zeaxanthin, calcium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, and Beta-carotene. The nutrients found in these vegetables reduce cancer risks, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, normalize digestion, support vision, fight harmful free-radicals, and boost immune system activity. 

Artichokes                            Arugula
Asparagus                            Avocados
Basil                                       Bell Pepper
Bok choy                               Broccoflower
Broccoli                                 Broccoli rabe
Brussel sprouts                   Cabbage
Celery                                    Chard
Chayote squash                  Cilantro
Collard greens                     Cucumbers
Edamame                             Endive
Escarole                                 Fennel
Green apples                        Green beans
Green cabbage                    Green grapes
Green olives                         Green onion
Green pears                          Green peppers
Honeydew                             Jalapeno
Kale                                         Kiwifruit
Leafy greens                         Leeks
Lettuce                                   Limes
Mache                                     Okra
Parsley                                    Peas
Poblano Pepper                     Snap Peas
Sno Peas                                  Spinach
Sprouts                                   Sugar snap peas
Tomatillo                               Watercress
Zucchini                                 other leafy greens
assorted green herbs          

For a full list of the nutrients of each green fruit/veggie refer to:  http://www.everynutrient.com/vegetable-nutrition-facts.html .

As always, strive to get a serving each of fruits and veggies with each meal. To calculate what a serving for you will be, visit:  http://www.fruitsandveggiesmatter.gov/index.html


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Buying Local!

Not sure where to buy locak or organic products. Check out this list of local farms and farmers markets.

The following is a list of local farms that participate in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

  • Eden Acres, LLC (www.edenheirlooms.com) offers a wide selection of organic produce
  • Maple Morning Farm (www.maplemorningfarm.com) offers a variety of produce as well as organic chicken, pork, beef, and eggs.
  • Ashbourne Farms (www.ashbournefarms.com) offers organic eggs, beef and pork.
  • Courtney Farms, LLC (www.courtneyfarmscsa.com) offers a large selection of produce as well as organic chicken, beef, pork, and eggs.
  • Harned Ranch Co., LLC (www.harnedranchbeef.com) offers a large selection of Organic beef products.
  • Fox Hollow Farms (www.foxhollow.com) offers produce, eggs, and beef. They also offer cooking classes. You can also stop by their farms store for lunch.

*There are others as well. Luckily the numbers of these farms are increasing and the demands for organic foods are increasing. Hopefully one day (within our lifetime) we will see the decline of the low standards on store bought foods.

Below is a list of local farmers markets throughout our area so that no matter where you live, there is one close to you:


















 Louisville Farmers Market at Oxmoor LOUISVILLE KY







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A Rainbow of Risks? Yet ONE MORE reason to avoid processed foods

With everything blooming, it’s such a nice change of pace to see all the colors around us! Where colors (artificial colors anyway) may not belong is in what we eat. The empty calories and high fructose corn syrup may not be the only bad guys in sodas, candies, and even in the so-called  “healthy” foods. Almost all processed foods contain some sort of artificial dye…for no other reason than simply to lure us into eating/drinking it.

Over 15 MILLION pounds of artificial food dyes are added to foods EACH year! That is FIVE times higher than in 1955. The reasoning for this is that food and beverage companies are marketing toward children. [I’m surprised they don’t use edible glitter].

Here is a list of the  artificial dyes and their potential risks:

Cancer: Citrus Red 2, Red 3, Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, and Green 3

Allergies: Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6

Hyperactivity: As the result of some studies, Britain requested food companies in 2009 to gradually phase artificial dyes out of children’s food because of their links to hyperactivity.

Because there is no nutritional value to the artificial dyes (plus their potentially harmful side-effects), in 2009 Britain told their food suppliers to stop making products using artificial food dyes. These products did not go away, or even increase in price. They remained on the markets and for the same price to consumers. McDonald’s stopped using “Red 40” and used strawberries instead to give the red color to their strawberry sundae (go figure…strawberries to give strawberry sundaes their red color). Also, Fanta now uses pumpkin and carrot extracts, instead of “Red 40 and Yellow 6” to give their orange soda it’s color. The U.S. is still using these artificial dyes in these particular products.

If your children simply cannot give up their gummies or lollipops, check out YumEarth or Surf Sweets for organic alternatives.

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Protein on The Go!

Let’s face it….Most of us have SUPER busy schedules, so preparing five to six meals per day can be somewhat overwhelming. At this past nutrition seminar, we cleared up some confusion about nuts, and about what is and what isn’t a complete protein source. While nuts do contain protein, they are not to be considered a complete protein source. Nuts in general contain more healthy fat than protein. (ie. Almonds average about 14 g. of fat and 6 g. of protein). So while it is still a great healthy snack and provides beneficial fat, they should not be considered your source for protein.

The following is a sampling of some more convenient sources of protein you can keep with you while you are on the go or at work.

Hard boild eggs

pre-cooked chicken strips/chunks

pre-packaged smoke salmon

pre-cooked meals such as Meal Movement

turkey bacon

pre-cooked steak strips


pre-packaged / pre-cooked tuna (it also comes in various seasonings)

canned / pre-cooked tuna (if you have a can opener with you)

protein bars

protein shakes

edamame (remember with this food to look for GMO-free or Non-GMO. This is one that is frequently genetically engineered)

**Remember….not all of this will be available in organic options, but most will be. Check out your local fresh market, whole foods, rainbow blossom, etc. Most grocery stores also have organic options, though they are more limited.**

If you are out and about and have nothing with you, you can always stop by a restaurant. Almost all of them have options you can take advantage of without falling off your plan. (ie. grilled chicken and a salad or veggies, a burger with no bun and broccoli…and no…fries do not count as a veggie 😉 ).

Another great way to make sure you have your protein with you is to prepare a cooler each night  and stock it full of healthy foods you will need throughout the day. You can keep it in the car with you so you always have a plan and don’t succumb to unhealthier choices. If you don’t have that kind of time or motivation each night, a great option is to prepare your healthy meals for the week on the weekend. (chop up your veggies and fruits, cook some chicken or other types of meat, and boil some eggs, etc).

Remember this quote “If you fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail.”

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Ever Wondered Why You Can’t Lose Fat?

Click Here to RSVP!

Ever wondered why you can’t lose fat?…..

We would like to invite you, as our guest, to attend our “Real World Fat Loss” Seminar!

On Thursday, February 2nd @ 7:30 p.m. Results by Design Fitness is having a “Kick Off Seminar” for our 2012 New Year, New You Challenge (info link below). This seminar will be jam packed with the latest fitness and nutrition information. Matt and Scott will be presenting on the latest nutrition and exercise research.

Most of our members will be in attendance to “kick off” their New Year, New You Challenge. The energy and motivation will be infectious and we don’t want you to miss out.

Come, join in the excitement and join our 8-week New Year, New You Challenge! For Contest Rules & Dates, you can email us at info@resultsbydesignfitness.com or call 502.544.5228. Others can simply stop by our office. This Contest is open to Members as well as Non-Members! Turn your New Year’s Resolution into a Reality!

Everyone is invited! Even if you don’t do the challenge, we’d still love to see you there! It’s Risk Free!

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